Expert Witness

Peter has served as an expert on cases ranging from electrostatic printers to sense amplifers, all-parallel CMOS circuits, and packaging of LCD displays. His forte is analyzing large numbers of patents as a validity expert.


“Peter did a great job analyzing a large portfolio of LCD related patents and evaluating infringement against a similarly large LCD product line. His work was thorough and timely, and his expertise was invaluable.” Michael Stimson, attorney, Howrey LLP”

“I worked with Peter on a fast paced very complex project involving coordination with another firm as well. Peter delivered on time, putting in additional hours of research on his own to make sure the project was a success.” Glenn Wheeler, President, Taeus International”

“Peter Salmon is extremely talented from the aspects of both technology development and the creation of the associated Intellectual Property/Patents. Peter has invented very innovative and elegant solutions in a variety of applications ranging from semiconductor packaging to printing to motors. He gave a very interesting presentation at IEEE-CNSV in 2006 on the process of inventing new technology. I highly recommend Peter Salmon.” Kim Parnell, Principal and Founder, PEC-Parnell Engineering & Consulting

Please use the contact link to communicate directly with Peter. He’ll be happy to provide an updated CV, including case histories.